Reduce your local population

Posted by Christian Samuel Akpan on 10:47 AM, 11-Jul-13

You are there to make a different in your family, community and local area. Happy population day.

Positive Motivation

Posted by Christian Samuel Akpan on 09:50 AM, 11-Nov-12

<img src="" /> Is all about you! Success is achieved & maintained by those who try & keep trying with a positive mental attitude.

Thinking can not clear your sorrow years

Posted by Christian Samuel Akpan on 03:00 PM, 27-Feb-12

Oh sorrow mind ! Thinking can't clear your sorrow years . The beauty of each hour of the day and night is for the courageous mind seekers ; The joy of ear , eye , heart , and mind's delight is for the courageous people ; Yes! You can do it . The mystic harmony linking sense to sound is... [Read More]


Posted by Christian Samuel Akpan on 07:27 PM, 20-Dec-11

Imagine having a career that lets you use your crativity to make homes and businesses more beautiful and comfortable . WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF DECORATORS! There are few careers that offer so many benefits. As an interior decorator, you will have the satisfaction of making your vision a reality . You wıll meet interestıng people and because many people... [Read More]

Go ..... , auction is going on live !

Posted by Christian Samuel Akpan on 01:01 AM, 06-Dec-11

WOW ! Price bender auction is going on live . Be there :

Organize office for the juvenoia

Posted by Christian Samuel Akpan on 09:05 PM, 13-Aug-11

ThumbnailIt is a word related to " juvenile " which means works , writings , produced in one's live of a youth ( ) . How do you think or imagine about this word . Did you take it as a joke or serious matter against the present and future of our youth ? Best on my experience for... [Read More]

Sweet Honey Ants

Posted by Christian Samuel Akpan on 08:08 PM, 02-Aug-11

ThumbnailThe ants has no commander , well organized , and indeed cooperative , no officer or ruler . It prepares its food even in the summer , it has gathered its foods supplies even in the harvest . Honey ant are one of the sweetest bush foods ever seen . Ants are one most unusual of more than 10,000 known... [Read More]

Got a wap ! Make money

Posted by Christian Samuel Akpan on 02:35 AM, 24-Jul-11

If you are one of those who believe that hard work and honesty , alone , will bring ACHES , perish the thought ! It is not true ! Riches , when they come in huge quantities , are never the result of hard work only ! Riches come in response based upon the application of definite principles . Check... [Read More]

Life is all about what you think and experience !!!

Posted by Christian Samuel Akpan on 01:33 AM, 08-Jun-11

Life is a process of gaining knowledge base on the experience you have . Knowledge can never be in you when you are not ready to learn on the skill by doing and seeing things of the knowledge . When riches begin to come , they come so quickly , but when you are learning , it takes you difficult... [Read More]

Don't just REFER !! DUPLICATE !!

Posted by Christian Samuel Akpan on 12:20 AM, 08-Jun-11

Are you still promoting programs after programs in the hope of succeeding in some of them ? DON'T WASTE ANYMORE OF YOUR TIME !!!>>>> Most program only requires you to refer 2-5 people ! That means if your're referring anymore than that while your referrals aren't doing anthing , you'll never be able to succeed simply because you'll never be... [Read More]